AyeCode Privacy Policy

AyeCode.ca website activates a cookie with your browser. The only information that is stored in this cookie is your
ip address and a unique session code. If you have a client login then this cookie will also contain your customer id
and a encoded salt based password that is used to check your login information in the client area.

AyeCode.ca does not store any credit, debit, pre-paid codes or card numbers in any aspect of the site. I use third party
payment providers that offer api or related services where they may hold such sensitive information. If you would like
to know more about what sensitive information these companies may hold I encourage you to ask them. Each payment provider
name is listed in our gift page with a link to their landing page where you can get in contact with the customer service
to find out more about their privacy policy they hold.

AyeCode.ca at no point will sell/lend or acknowledge any information that may be stored in the client area to any third party.

AyeCode.ca enforces the Privacy Legislation in Canada

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