Welcome to Ayecode. A site dedicated to my open source projects.

Well where do I start.. I've been code scripting for the last 16 years.

My script languages background runs in linux bash, mod php, windows batch, autoit, mirc, powershell, javascript
and linden script language lsl.

Over the years I've also worked on mods for a few known platforms such as phpbots, mybb, phpnuke and invision before
they became closed source. And of course many other less known open source platforms. I have done allot of private
related coding from a vast range of online web related requirements.

Over the years I've always enjoyed creating something that would be used daily. Sometimes its a simple class or function
and other times its a full out dynamic web site or web gui front end.

I am also able to do custom project work. While I have no desire to be attached to a long term project. Short term projects
I am ok with. If you would like drop me a message about your needs, Use the Contact form.

Now the catch 22, While I have now started to publish some of my personal project code, I offer it as open source with
a salt of copyright left attached. I will charge a hourly fee if you need help integrating some part of my open source
code into your required application needs.

My support fee ranges per incident, As low as $5 per hour and as high as $60 per hour.

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